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  • Self editing of your web page.
  • Built on an open-source platform (WordPress)
  • Up to 20 pages
  • Integrated social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google.)
  • Email hosting included.

  • A lead capture form, enquiry form
  • Search engine indexing & Google placement
  • Detailed website visitor statistics
  • Training included in the set up
  • No contracts. You own the IP
  • (provided on a CD or USB)


Not $15,000. Not $10,000. Just $2,999


Self editing of your web page gives you the freedom to edit, omit, or change any information or image on your website at any time – all at your finger tips.

Using an open source platform (WordPress) makes interaction with your website user friendly and easy to navigate. It also helps you edit the information present, maintain the website, and update it to reflect new developments.

Have up to 20 pages of information – a great way to promote who you are, showcase all your products and services, and include all other relevant details so that your customer has all the information they need on one website.

Take advantage of the marketing potentials of social media by having social media integrated in your website. A simple click on a social media icon can transport your customer to your Facebook, twitter account or other popular social media platforms – and you can directly communicate information with them via these mediums.

Email hosting included. All businesses should have their own email address to make it easier for customers to contact you, as well as promote an impression of professionalism.

A lead capture form and enquiry form encourages your customers to contact you – immediately. Nothing is more convenient to a customer then filling out an online form and having it sent directly to your business email address for you to follow up; a great way to generate contact with potential customers.

Search engine indexing and Google placement will help your website stand out from the others and be easier to find for the many customers that will search for you online. For example, if you are on Google’s first page your website is more likely to be visited by a potential customer than if it were on the second, third or fourth.

See how many customers are visiting your website with detailed website visitor statistics. Using this information you will not only know how many visitors view your website, but how often, the search terms they use, and more – all this is important when devising effective marketing and advertising plans.

Training is included in the set up so you have the information needed to take control of your website, for example self-editing.

No contracts. You own the IP. Don’t get locked into contracts that keep you trapped. We give you the freedom to own your own IP and website without any hassles!

We provide your website on a CD or UBS to make it convenient for you.