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Messages on Hold

Sometimes transferring or putting someone on hold is your only option…

What are your options?

  • Elevator Music
  • Silence
  • The radio
  • A creative, entertaining message specifically to enhance your image

Forget the impersonal drab and dreariness of most on hold messages by offering your valued customers a stand out message that will interest and engage them – and keep them on the line.

“Research shows that 88% of callers prefer to listen to messages while waiting on hold than other options, and 16% of callers will respond to the on-hold information they hear. Advertising on hold is your most cost effective way of finding new clients.”

Client on hold is the perfect chance for you to:

  • Build on your professional image

On hold messages will be the first point of contact for many of your customers, so take advantage of it by presenting them with an on hold message the gives an overall impression of professionalism, great service, and product quality. Indifferent on hold messages can result in indifferent customers that are more likely to hang up than listen – so motivate them with an entertaining on hold message – and keep them on the line.

  • Increase new products and services

Keep your customers informed of your business’ new products and services in your on hold message. This provides you with another advertising stream to promote new products and services directly to your customers, and allows for them to keep informed about new developments in your business.

  • Decrease customer hang-ups

You’ve worked hard to get your customers to engage with you and your business – so don’t lose them at the first stage of connection. Engage and keep them on the line with information that is relevant, such as amazing product and service descriptions, and creative messages that captivate customers’ imagination – this will help to decrease the possibility of a hang-up.

  • Encourage interaction with your customers

Encourage interaction with your customers by making the on hold message all about them, such as introducing ways they can connect with your company e.g. social media and newsletters – and the benefits of doing so e.g. coupons, discounts, and referral programs. By promoting interaction with your customers you encourage loyalty, which then is likely to generate sales, repeat business, and referrals.

  • Improve your sales

On hold messages is a clever way to sell a product or service directly to your customers by providing a platform to showcase the key products and services they are likely to be interested in. Without using any pushy sales jargon, you can improve your sales by introducing your customers to these products and services in a creative and captivating way.




  • Your only commitment is the first 6 months.

Why tie yourself into long term contracts that leave you feeling trapped and dissatisfied, when you can commit to us for the first six months? No pressure, no catches, no fine print.

  • Low establishment equal to 3 months rental.

We offer low establishment fees, and high quality service and products. What a deal!

  • Regular updates in accordance with your agreed plan and we remind you.

We pride ourselves on our client service and open communication, and make regular contact with you in regards to updates as part of your plan, and other necessary information and reminders. You won’t have to chase us up on anything.

  • Outstanding reliability, flexibility and ease of updates through computer-based software.

No need to be technologically savvy with us. We offer updates through computer-based software that is very user friendly so you don’t waste any time navigating through potentially complex technology and uploads.

  • Technical support is just a phone call away.

Has something gone wrong with your on hold message or related software? Our technical support team is only a phone call away, and will guide you through any problems you may have. We work hard to support our clients – and keep them happy.

  • Local on-site support.

Have a problem with your on hold message and related software that a phone call won’t fix? Well, we have on-site support for any “hands on” work that needs to be done. Nothing is too big or small for us – and we’re happy to help.

  • Access to a vast pool of voice talent and creative writers.

Don’t spend hours searching for voice talent and creative writers online, sorting through vast amounts of samples and auditions, and then negotiating a contract. Argh. We have all the voice talent and creative writers you will ever need, and have done the hard work in screening them and confirming their professionalism and high standard. You want the best? We have them here.




You will be the first who knows when the system shuts down


With the HTM System you can set the time and date of your messages or music.

Messages average 15-25 seconds in duration, with a 6-10 second gap. This means the customer is not inundated with too much information so they “switch off” from your message, but rather keep listening – and keep on the line.

Music changes with every second message, keeping your on hold messages fresh and updated.


Computer Requirements


  • A computer that is on during office hours

This makes it easier for us to email important information to you and your computer during business hours.

  • A computer that has internet access

Your computer needs to have internet access so that we can email important information, such as software updates, directly to the computer you use.

  • Has its own email address

To ensure our software is user-friendly we require the computer has its own email address. When we email software updates, all you will need to do is click on the link in the email and the htm software takes care of the rest.