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Keep Talking Happy Talk

It’s easy……… to keep talking happy talk

In 1949, Rodgers and Hammerstein introduced the world to “Happy Talk”, the lively message about how to live a happy life, sung by Bloody Mary to the American lieutenant Joe Cable after he begins romancing her daughter Liat.

In 1965, News Director Albert T Primo, launched a different kind of “Happy Talk”. It was commonly referred to as the “Banter” or “Eyewitness” news format and often featured a beautiful woman and encouraged lively banter to help get the news across to audiences.
The world has evolved a great deal since both 1949 and 1965, and so has the concept of “Happy Talk”.  Whether it’s via On Hold Telephone Messages, Radio Ads, Jingles, Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or anything SAMSUNG, at Happy Talk Media (HTM) we can help you positively convey your messages while keeping your current and future customers happy.

So, not happy with how your “happy talk” sounds?  Why not talk to the experts at Happy Talk Media (HTM) and be happy in the knowledge that we will not only help transform the experience of your customers but also help your business to “walk the talk”.